How can farmers and agribusinesses prepare themselves for success in 2017?

Most agricultural interventions into African communities do not sufficiently prepare farmers and local agribusinesses for growth and success. That is why as soon as support dries up, most agricultural actors struggle to stay on their feet.  There are many cases where those looking for a market often fail to satisfy it once they find it.  As 2017 beckons, how can we assist farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs to re-imagine themselves reaching or exceeding their ambitions and goals in 2017? Assuming markets become abundant and reliable in 2017, to what extent are farmers and agribusiness prepared to cope with demand?








Collective re-imagination of a better 2017

The following questions can assist farmers and other value chain actors to re-imagine a better 2017:

  1. What will be different about the way we do our agriculture if we are to achieve our goals in 2017?
  2. What needs to be different about the way we express leadership if we achieve our agricultural goals?
  3. What new skills are we going to need to reach our 2017 agricultural goals?
  4. What will not work anymore if our dreams of agricultural success come true in 2017?
  5. What would we like to be doing if everything we want to happen happens?

Answering the above questions can ignite a reflective mood that is very important at the end of the year, in preparation for the New Year. Rather than continue steeped in negative, African farmers and agribusinesses should be prepared for growth and success. Success comes from reflecting and learning from mistakes. Sustaining good performance requires asking searching reflective questions about the past, the present and the future.  / /

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